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We are Sydney traffic management services specialists, a young experienced and enthusiastic team making waves in Sydney and NSW.

Our company was founded to disrupt the traffic control industry and finally give a service that is worth talking about.

We are changing the way you think about traffic control and traffic management companies, one job at a time.

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It is essential for all works that are carried out on roads and/or footpaths to comply with Section 138 of the Roads Act to obtain the relevant permits (like road closure permits) and licences to carry out works.

Our Sydney-based Traffic Management company has 10+ years liaising with various councils within NSW. Absolute Traffic Management prides itself in providing a fast and efficient service to obtain these permits for their clients.

Our experienced Traffic Controllers are all accredited and highly enthusiastic.

They all undergo in-house training by our Supervisors to ensure they are ready for all traffic control jobs in Sydney:
– Construction sites,
– Mobile works,
– Emergency works,
– Road closures,
– Traffic management,
– Pedestrian management.

We are traffic management services specialists in Sydney. And, no matter the job, big or small, traffic management planning is critical.

We provide Traffic Control Plan (TCP) services and implement Traffic Management Plans.

They adhere to the principles outlined in respective traffic control for road works manuals established by the Australian Standards.

We have partnered with the best trainers in NSW to ensure your workers are certified, compliant and safe. These partnerships allow us to provide you with nationally recognised courses all year round.

We also offer huge discounts on group bookings. Is your crew up to date with their qualifications?
– Asbestos Awerness Courses
– Asbestos Removal Courses
– First Aid Courses
– Traffic Control Courses…

We are pleased to offer a new free service: We now offer Drink and Snack Vending Machines for your construction sites.

As part of the service, we will deliver and stock the machines weekly for you. You just need to give us the space to place them with a power point.

Service includes:
– Free installation
– Free maintenance
– Free weekly refills

Our traffic management services in Sydney include Sign and Device hire.

ATM Supplies provide traffic control equipment hire services:
– Top of the range Utes with mounted Arrow Boards & Beacons,
– Variable Message Signs (VMS) / Arrow Boards,
– Barrier,
– Light Towers,
– Traffic Lights,
– Water Barriers,
– Traffic Cones and Pedestrian Barriers.

Need PVC cones or signs?

Tired of having multiple suppliers?

Buy traffic safety products at Absolute Traffic Management.

Set up a business account with us today and enjoy the benefits of ordering everything in one place!

We provide Swept Path analysis solutions across Sydney and NSW.

Before a council issues a construction permit , they need to know the type and size of larger vehicles requiring access to the site. They will request proof of safe manoeuvres.

Swept path analysis is one of the traffic engineering and transport planning services we provide to engineers developers, urban planners, councils and other stakeholders across Sydney and NSW.

We are fully equipped to provide emergency traffic control services. We can have a specialised crew dispatched straight to your site within the hour.

Our Sydney traffic control company knows that during an emergency, time is of the utmost importance.

With Absolute Traffic Management, you get a reliable traffic control team in Sydney sent straight to the site as quickly as possible.

Need skilled labour or general labour for your construction site?

Finding the right staff can be challenging and we are here to help!

We help you find available and qualified staff for your needs.

Our labour hire services provide you with the right people for your job.
Need professional after-builders cleaning services?

Tell us your timetable and working hours, and the desired cleaning frequency!

We clean your construction site while your team is working on it, and create the safest and cleanest site possible for your workers and contractors.

From office spaces to warehouses, we provide meticulous commercial cleaning services.
Our team of security guards protect your sites and prevent the increase in theft we see on construction sites.

They do continuous foot patrols internally and externally of the site and prevent loss materials or delays in your projects.

With our Security Guards services, your site is safe, and your materials and machinery will not be damaged or taken from it.


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