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3 Tools To Use In Traffic Control

When an event disrupts the usual flow of traffic, having the right tools is essential. Effective traffic management relies on planning and traffic control equipment. But, what exactly are these tools and equipment that traffic controllers use and how are they beneficial? In this blog, we look at 3 essential tools every traffic controller should use.

Traffic Signals and Signs

First, traffic management signals are essential in traffic management. In fact, these devices offer maximum control to roads because they relay messages to road users.

Consequently, when appropriately installed, these signs help with the traffic flow on the road, and improve the safety and efficiency of all road users.

tools to use in Traffic Control

Traffic Cones, Barriers and other Traffic Control Equipment

For instance, road users navigating through a construction zone where there is roadwork need signs directing traffic. So, at any time, drivers need to know about the changes ahead. And, this is where traffic cones provide an easy solution.

So, let Absolute Traffic Management manage the traffic for you. And, focus on your core activity, event management. We can plan out the safest route with traffic cones to create a smooth transition for drivers and pedestrians to get to their destinations safely.

We install traffic cones at your events to ensure that pedestrians arrive at and leave your event accident-free. Keeping people safe is not only our expertise, but our #1 priority at Absolute Traffic Management.

Hire Traffic Control Equipment.

We offer a wide range of traffic control and management equipment of the highest quality:

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Traffic Management Plan

traffic control plan

Second, traffic control plans are critical to ensure a smooth workflow from start right through to finish, no matter the job, big or small. And, as we have developed Traffic Management Plans for all kinds of scenarios, we offer a comprehensive range of TCPs.

In addition, we handle RMS Road Occupancy License, Speed Zone Authorisation applications and approvals. And, we help you liaise with Councils and RMS Asset Management, State Transit Authorities, for the other required approvals. In short, we handle everything so you get the relevant authority’s approval to occupy the roadway.

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Third, to minimise risk to their health and safety, workers may use boots, ear plugs, face masks, gloves, goggles, hard hats, high visibility clothing, respirators, safety shoes, and sunscreen.

And, where PPE is to be used it must be:

Selected to minimise risk to health and safety, including by ensuring equipment is:
* suitable for the nature of the work or hazard
* a suitable size and fit for the individual who is required to use it and that it is reasonably comfortable.
And, maintained, repaired or replaced, which includes ensuring the equipment is:
* clean and hygienic
* in good working order.
Used or worn by the worker, so far as is reasonably practical.


Read more about Personal protective equipment on Safe Work Australia.

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Absolute Traffic Management can provide you with all your traffic control needs. Our Traffic Controllers are one of the key factors in Absolute Traffic Management success. In fact, all our staff are accredited and extensively trained with a substantial number holding Advanced Worksite Traffic Management licenses. So, contact us to find out how we can customise a plan for you.