The Importance Of Traffic Control

On our way to our destination, we sometimes get stuck in a traffic jam due to road works, an accident or a special event. Signs inform us early enough so we have time to process the information and let us know what to do, like use another route. These signs are essential to ensure the safety of road users. What is traffic control and why is it so important?

3 Tools To Use In Traffic Control

When an event disrupts the usual flow of traffic, having the right tools is essential. Effective traffic management relies on planning and traffic control equipment. But, what exactly are these tools and equipment that traffic controllers use and how are they beneficial? In this blog we look at 3 essential tools every traffic controller should use.

Reliable Construction Traffic Control And Management In Sydney

Powered mobile plant vehicles, forklifts and cranes, site deliveries and general traffic…Construction sites are busy places. At Absolute Traffic Management, our traffic control Sydney team goes above and beyond to ensure a safe work environment but also one that is enjoyable to work at.We are your partner to design and implement traffic control, traffic control plans, traffic management plans, swept path diagrams…

3 Steps To Effective Traffic Control

Effective traffic control is essential to manage the many variables that come into play while driving on the road. Is your worksite safe for vehicles, workers and pedestrians?
If your construction or maintenance work, or special event suspends or interrupts the normal traffic, you need a traffic control plan to ensure the safety of all road users, and the protection of workers.
Traffic control plans, good communication and skilled traffic controllers are the key to effective traffic control.

50 Questions To Build Your Worksite Traffic Control Plan

A worksite traffic control plan ensures that construction workers and the public in or near the workplace remain safe. TCPs are critical to ensure a smooth workflow from start right through to finish. Workers who work on or near roadways are at risk of being hit by passing vehicles. Employers have a duty to protect workers from this hazard and can do so by developing and implementing effective traffic control plans for each road work zone.

Road Workers Safety and Tradies Health

Traffic controllers increase road safety but what about these road workers’ safety? August is National Tradies Health month and today we want to talk about road workers’ safety. For construction workers, Safe Work Australia has an information page with definitions, duties, requirements and other advice. For drivers, Australian Roads introduced the Safe System in its Guide to Road Safety. In this article, we’ll have an overview of both to see how to promote road workers safety and tradies health.

Get Your White Card During Lockdown Restrictions

The COVID pandemic is significantly impacting the ability of providers to deliver face-to-face training. The Commonwealth, state and territory WHS regulators have worked with Safe Work Australia. They have developed national parameters to enable providers to deliver white card training via “connected real-time delivery”.

Road Traffic Safety: Our #1 Commitment

Road traffic safety refers to the methods and measures to protect road users of on-road public transport from road accidents. Because, every year, road traffic causes injuries that sometimes lead to lifelong disability or even deaths. Today, we provide guidance on road safety aspects you get with our traffic management services.

How Traffic Control Is Booming With Women

More and more female join the male dominant teams of construction businesses, especially female traffic controllers. And, this is partly due to the unprecedented demand for construction workers following the infrastructure booms across Australia. So, as a female-founded business, we are particularly sensitive to this topic. In this article, we’ll see why female traffic controllers are essential to the construction industry. And, how they can keep making their mark in the business.

3 Tips To Become A Traffic Controller

Traffic Controllers have the important responsibility of telling drivers when they must stop and wait, and when they can drive slowly through a construction zone. In other words, they work outdoors in all kinds of weather as they ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and workers. And, to direct the flow and speed of vehicles, they use their good communication and sequential planning skills. If you want to become a traffic controller and wonder how to get there, read further.

Guide To Traffic Management For Special Events

Special events enrich our society and reinforce the values that Australians hold dear. A special event requires multiple agency involvement, and special traffic management arrangements. It may involve large numbers of participants and/or spectators. Marathons, fun runs, cycling events, parades, marches and street market days… Are you planning a special event within the Sydney region? Is your event conducted on the road? Then, read our recommendations for a safe event.

Warehouse Traffic Management For Safety

Warehouse traffic management has become more important than ever. While many industries have suffered under the pandemic, the demand to develop warehouses and distribution centers has skyrocketed. Customers increasingly purchase goods online and expect delivery to their doorsteps. In this article, we’re sharing tips on how to manage risks coming from traffic movements in warehouses, including cars, delivery trucks, powered mobile plants, and pedestrians.

5 Steps To Assess Traffic Hazards At Roadside Worksites

Working close to traffic is particularly dangerous due to traffic hazards. It generally occurs when an incident happens between vehicles and pedestrians. In 2019, 183 workers were fatally injured at work. So, what is a traffic hazard or roadside hazard? And, how can we prevent road hazards? On World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the team at Absolute Traffic Management thought it was important to share advice on how to assess traffic hazards at construction sites next to roads.

How To Avoid Fatigue On Shift Work

It is essential to know how to avoid fatigue on shift work. As we tend to work longer hours and at all times of the day, fatigue is becoming a major issue in many industries. Fatigue is a daily lack of energy, unusual or excessive whole-body tiredness not relieved by sleep. And, for traffic controllers, fatigue on shift work is far more dangerous than in your average desk job. So, learn how to avoid fatigue on shift work.

Traffic Control Company: Our 5 Hiring Tips

A traffic control company might be synonymous with extended delays with approvals, and workers sleeping in the ute. And, an overall shockingly overpriced experience… You’ve heard this before and wonder how to choose the traffic control company to work with? Looking for the best traffic control company in Sydney for your next development work or an event?

With the right material, the right people and a good organization, every project with your traffic control company will run smoothly. Therefore, read further to see how to make the right choice when hiring a traffic control company. Here are our 5 tips on hiring the right traffic control company in Sydney.

Sun Safety For Traffic Controllers

Sun safety for traffic controllers is essential in Australia. In fact, when you work outside, the sun is a health and safety issue. In particular, heat can be extremely dangerous. As a result, Absolute Traffic Management wants to share its sun safety tips for traffic controllers.

Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of a hormone that helps boost mood and helps feeling calm and focused. However, while the sun’s UV rays help your body create vitamin D, which is important for your immune system, bones, and blood cells, they can also harm us after too much exposure.

Who Needs Traffic Management?

Who needs traffic management? According to SafeWork Australia, between 2013 and 2017, vehicle accidents in the construction industry caused an average of 251 incidents annually. Some crashes can be real serious and not only do they damage people and lives but they also cost everyone money. So, could you imagine what Sydney roads would look like if no one was managing traffic? But, what does traffic management include exactly? And, who needs it in 2021?