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New Services For the Construction Industry

We have partnered with the best to offer new services for the construction industry. Today, we’re happy to share what we’ve been working on lately for our clients…

Absolute Traffic Management has extended its list of comprehensive traffic control services in Sydney and NSW. Discover our 3 new services!


Absolute Traffic Management has launched 3 new services:

ATM Training,

ATM Supplies,

and, ATM Vending!

ATM Training

Is your crew up to date with their qualifications? If not, get in touch with us to get nationally recognised training services.
In fact, we have partnered with the best trainers in NSW to ensure your workers are certified, compliant and safe. And, we also offer huge discounts on group bookings.

ATM Supplies

Need PVC cones or signs? Tired of having multiple suppliers?
Set up a business account with us today! And, enjoy the benefits of ordering everything in one place!

ATM Vending

Want to keep your workers on site, keep them hydrated and safe, and increase productivity? Get vending machines with snacks and drinks delivered to your sites and replenished weekly FREE OF CHARGE.


construction industry training

One of our new services for the construction industry is: Training!

We have partnered with the best trainers in NSW to ensure your workers are certified, compliant and safe.

This partnership allows us to provide construction students with these nationally recognised courses all year round.

And, it allows them to get ready for the construction world safely, without having to spend much on training and PPE!

Get your teams certified with the following courses

Asbestos Awareness Courses: Mandatory for anyone whose normal work duties present a reasonable likelihood of disturbing or coming into contact with asbestos.

Asbestos Removal Courses: Remain safe while working around materials that may contain asbestos.

Confined Space Courses: This course applies to persons who are required to enter confined spaces for maintenance purposes, for cleaning, inspection or other reasons. It is required by all persons who are required to enter a confined space.

First Aid Courses: Designed to meet the requirements for providing first aid treatment, first aid equipment requirements and facilities on a construction site.

Manual Handling Courses: Poor manual handling is one of the most common hazards that construction workers are confronted with. While no site is free from the hazards of manual handling, by knowing how to minimise the risks of manual handling workers can reduce its harmful effect on the body.

Traffic Control Courses: Traffic control training courses provide theory, practical skills, and assessment for topics related to the duties of a controller. You learn how to direct users and understand stopping sight distances.

WHS Act Awareness Courses: Provide a general induction to the Work Health and Safety legislation, processes and best practices for all PCBUs, Workers and Managers. It is specifically designed to provide participants with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities pertaining to the Work Health and Safety legislation.

White Card Courses: The White Card Course in NSW is designed to raise awareness and help implement strategies and practices to eliminate these risks that cause injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Working at Heights Courses: Give workers the skills and knowledge to determine working at heights situations, legislative requirements, basic hazard and risk.

And more…

Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

All training and assessments are carried out by qualified trainers/assessors:

– White Card Course
– Power Awareness Courses
– Provide First Aid
– Enter & Work in Confined Spaces
– Working at Heights
– Emergency Management
– Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs)
– Traffic Control Work Training:

TC Combo
Traffic Controller
TC Combo + White Card
Traffic Controller + White Card
Implement Traffic Control Plans
Traffic Control – Practical Assessment


Do you need equipment like PVC cones or signs to safely manage traffic and pedestrians on your site? And, are you tired of having multiple suppliers?

We provide road and safety signage, and traffic control accessories. Our product range includes Traffic Control and Management Equipment, Pedestrian Safety Products & Car Park Safety Products.

We support customers across a range of industries including civil projects, telecommunications, construction, government, major events and entertainment.

We can provide a large range of traffic control products & equipment to ensure your work site or event is managed in a safe and compliant manner.

– Friendly Customer Service
– Lowest Prices
– RMS Approved & Compliant
– Discounts on Bulk Orders

Set up a business account with us today! And enjoy the benefits of ordering everything in one place.


vending machines

Get drink and snack vending machines delivered, installed and maintained for FREE.

Simply give us the space to place them with a power point.
And, as part of the service, we deliver and stock the machines weekly for you.
Nothing more to it!

What is included?

– Free Vending Machine Installation
– Free Vending Machine Maintenance
– Your Choice of Drinks & Snacks
– Free Weekly Refills

Why install a vending machine?

With proper planning, your worker shift times can be carefully designed to maximise productivity and minimise fatigue.
So, make sure that your teams are taking regular breaks, and provide convenient access to food and drinks. Otherwise, they might get tired more quickly, and have lower response time, which can lead to injury.

Keep your workers on site

Provide convenience to your workers by having quick access to food and drinks. And, bring an energy hit without having to leave the site. It gives them time to relax and enjoy their food / drink on-site, rather than having to walk outside the work site.

Keep your staff hydrated and safe

Dehydration can be a major drain on employee productivity. So, prevent dehydration of your workers on your worksites. With water and sports drinks / sugary drinks available, they will have a rehydration choice.

Increase productivity

As a result of the 2 previous elements, you increase productivity. By having food and drink available, the team on site can get the energy boost they need, feel focused and happier. And, by having everything available on-site, you’ll avoid a long time out of work to get the food / drink and lower the risks.

Choose your products amongst leading vending product brands and healthy vending options. And, let us provide and install vending machines to your sites.


So, is it time to update your crew’s training?
And, do you need new safety signage, and traffic control accessories?
Or, haven’t installed vending machines on your sites yet?

Then, enjoy our new services:

ATM Training
ATM Vending
And, ATM Supplies

We provide premium services for the construction industry. Get in touch with us!