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Free PPE For Construction Students During COVID Restrictions

Free PPE For Construction Students

Your RTO can order free PPE pack until 31 October 2021. As building sites are hazardous without the proper equipment, it is essential to wear personal protective equipment when working on or near them.

Are you thinking of joining the construction world? And, are you experiencing financial hardship due to Covid-19? Then, the current NSW JobTrainer construction initiative might help you. For instance, are you aged 16-24? Or, unemployed? Maybe a recipient of a Commonwealth Government welfare benefit? The initiative supports 35,000 part qualification training places. And, they are for people getting skilled for jobs in the construction industry. Also, in addition to fee-free training, you might get free construction boots and hard hats.

Remove a financial burden and get quality PPE

If you want to work in the general and civil construction industry, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential.

And, in some instances, the Commonwealth Government’s jobactive program subsidies the cost of PPE for unemployed students. But, the students not eligible for this support may:

– experience financial hardship purchasing PPE,
– buy sub-standard equipment or
– be unable to participate in training at all due to the expensive cost of PPE.

Consequently, the NSW Department of Education aims to remove this barrier. To do so, they provide free PPE packs to eligible NSW JobTrainer – Construction students. So, this will help you be job ready for the industry.

What does the PPE pack consist of?

The PPE pack consists of:

– a pair of wheat coloured, ankle length, steel capped, lace-up construction boots and
– a white hard hat.

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(Photos for information only)

Both items comply with Australian Safety Standards.

On the one hand, white hard hat protects you as you can be seen from a distance. In addition, wearing a hard hat ensures you protect your head and neck from risk of injury. For instance, falling object, swinging component, low ceilings…

And, on the other hand, steel toe cap boots protect your feet and ankles from hazards on building sites. In fact, they prevent your feet from being crushed by falling items and machinery. And, they also protect your ankles in case you stumble.

Check your eligibility to the PPE pack

First, you must enrol in part qualification construction training under NSW JobTrainer – Construction only. And, the training must require PPE.

So, those who have already commenced training can have PPE packs. But, only if they are still in training and commenced no earlier than 1 April 2021.

Then, people applying for a free PPE pack must also fit into at least one of the following categories:

● 16-24 years old at the commencement of training, including school students,
● an unemployed person
● Commonwealth Government welfare benefit recipient*.

*Students must not receive jobactive financial assistance for PPE or an existing worker in the construction industry.

How to access your PPE pack

PPE packs will be available at training providers for eligible students.
Discuss your claim directly with your training provider to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.

You can get a PPE student eligibility declaration form from your training provider. Once completed, you need to return the form to your training provider.

To be eligible, you need to confirm 2 elements on the eligibility declaration form.

● You do not already own appropriate construction boots and a hard hat;
● And, you are not eligible for financial assistance from jobactive (or other government assistance) to cover the costs of their PPE.

Return the form, Sit back and Relax

Then, once you return the eligibility declaration form to your training provider, they will take care of the rest.

Providers will receive the PPE packs directly for distribution to students at the commencement of training.

And, it will take at least ten working days for them to receive PPE packs.

What if I have already completed a NSW JobTrainer – Construction part qualification?

Then, you won’t be able to claim the pack. In fact, they are only for students who have recently enrolled. And, they must have commenced training no earlier than 1 April 2021, or enrol by 30 September 2021. So, if you’re done with your training, you probably have everything already. Consequently, you can’t get the PPE pack.

Are school students eligible for free PPE packs?

Yes. School students under the School Student Waiver are eligible for SfR Construction. Therefore, they are eligible for PPE packs. But, only if they have to wear PPE for their training.

When do providers need to submit their orders for free PPE packs?

They can order the Free PPE packs until 31 October 2021 (for students enrolled no later than 30 September 2021).

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To conclude, if you want more information please contact:

1. Your registered training provider
2. And / or, the Skilling for Recovery – Construction team at

Skilling for Recovery is a NSW Government program. It provides fee-free training to help job seekers retrain or up-skill. And, it supports school leavers to enter the workforce for the first time.