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How To Hire The Best Construction Workers

Hire Top Construction Workers

Over the space of a year the number of houses (not apartments) under construction has jumped from 56,060 in the June quarter 2020 to 88,445 in the June quarter 2021 — the biggest peak of all time.

Getting busy and need staff for your projects and wonder how to get the best candidates? If you need more staff for your current projects, get in touch with us. Our skilled traffic controllers and labourers can help for all your civil, infrastructure, rail and construction projects. Read the following to learn how we can help you hire the best construction workers.

Skilled and General Labour Hire

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Are you looking for experienced construction and civil labour staff?

Hire our general labourers for:

Site Clean-Up

We provide quick, hassle free site clean ups to get the mess out the way so your site is clean and not contaminated with harmful chemicals.

Our clean-up services ensure your site is able to operate in a safe manner and is easily accessible to all contractors.

Assisting with deliveries

Delivery and collections to and from construction sites can present a high degree of risk due to the consequences if things go wrong. We help with the correct and secure loading and unloading.

Moving of materials

Hoisting steel beams, driving a truck loaded with raw material, manually carrying bags or material and stacking supplies… The ability to handle construction material safely is vital to the proper functioning of any construction jobsite. It is an important aspect of completing the job on time.

Use of basic hand tools

Labourers will make sure your tools are in good condition, will carry them with care, and clean them before returning.

Event set up

Need a crew to set up an event? Hire our labourers that are well trained to work in a team, travel to and from location, set up marquees, event decorations and lighting, deliver furniture, and pack up events…

Rubbish Removal

We arrange workers for numerous diverse residential and commercial projects around Sydney. Our general labourers can carry out a variety of tasks safely and efficiently.


Need excavation labourers? Our experienced labourers can use a range of hand and power tools in their duties, and operate and clean heavy machinery to assist qualified tradespeople.

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Hire our skilled labourers for:

Use of hand and power tools

Our skilled labourers examine tools for damage prior to use, keep your tools in good condition, and have the experience to operate them properly.


Our demolition labourers load and unload debris and waste onto and off trucks, refill excavated holes and ditches, build and dismantle scaffolding and temporary structures.

Assisting Tradesmen

Our experienced labourers can assist qualified tradespeople such as bricklayers, plumbers and landscapers. They have a high level of physical fitness, strength to lift heavy objects, can read technical plans and drawings.

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Construction Labour Hire with Absolute Traffic Management

So, need help hiring construction workers? At Absolute Traffic Management, we make the process of hiring construction workers smooth. In fact, we do everything for our workers and our clients to enjoy a positive experience.

Safety First

Safety is our #1 priority.
Above all, we pinpoint the perfect construction site workers for you and guarantee they have the relevant qualifications, and are on time on site with all required PPE.

Fast Skilled & General Labour Hire in Sydney

We are available 24H/7 356 days a year.
Every time, our labour hire services provide you with the right people for your job.
So, contact us for the labour hire support your project needs.

Over 25 years industry knowledge and experience

Also, all staff come with full PPE and are licensed to suit the job requirements with valid cards and licences.

Absolute Traffic Management provides labour hire services to the construction industry in Sydney and NSW. And, we provide a 24/7 service. So, call us now if you are looking for construction labour hire services and hire the best construction workers. To sum up, with Absolute Traffic Management, your project is in good hands!