importance of traffic control

The Importance Of Traffic Control

On our way to our destination, we sometimes get stuck in a traffic jam due to road works, an accident or a special event. Signs inform us early enough so we have time to process the information and let us know what to do, like use another route. These signs are essential to ensure the safety of road users.

What is traffic control?

Traffic control guides road users when there is a road disruption to ensure efficiency and safety. It is the organisation, arrangement, guidance, and control of stationary and moving traffic, including vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians, through a construction zone.

Traffic controllers and signs ensure the construction workers get to the site safely and on time, emergencies access accident sites faster and road users pass by safely.

It is extremely important for the safety of road users and construction workers, and to protect the quality of the local environment.

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Why is traffic control so important?

To organise traffic movement

Traffic control devices direct vehicles and minimise delays. Everyone needs to know where they can and cannot go safely. Without traffic control, chaos would ensue at intersections and around certain areas. Controlling vehicle movement ensures safety and efficiency.

A good traffic management plan will effectively warn drivers and pedestrians before they enter a construction zone. While all road work construction projects cause some disruptions to the normal traffic flow, a traffic control plan will help keep things moving smoothly, preventing long delays.

To prevents accidents and ensure the safety of every road user

Traffic controls not only control traffic, they keep it in streamlines meaning there are proper lanes. If there are not any signs or traffic control persons then there will be chaos and a lot of accidents could occur.

Any accident could not only affect traffic passing the worksite, but could also damage machinery or close down the worksite, leading to delays in the project. Directing traffic helps drivers, passengers, and pedestrians across the board remain safe and secure.

To save fuels and money

Traffic control signs help you drive at a constant pace. This burns less fuel than changing speed or continuously turning your engine on and off. It helps you save and create a better future for society.

To reduce the severity of incidents

High speed can ruin lives. A good traffic management plan provides drivers with ample warning about slowing down before entering the work area. Speed limit signs and other traffic control equipment help prevent road incidents.

To ensure the success and efficiency of road construction projects

Traffic control allows construction businesses to complete the work faster. A safe work environment helps workers focus on their work rather than on surrounding potential dangers.

It is compulsory for employers to ensure workers safety. Don’t risk heavy fines and construction sites closures. Contact us to get the relevant authority’s approval. We provide high-quality and fully-compliant traffic control plans in Sydney and NSW.

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How does traffic control work?

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Use of devices

When there is a change ahead of the road, a sign and then devices will inform you of the change and guide you. These signs and devices are placed at a sufficient distance between the construction area so that road users have time to process the information to ensure the safety of the public.

Hire traffic control equipment.

Skilled traffic controllers

Traffic control requires a professional approach and training for all situations. At Absolute Traffic Management, our traffic controllers have experience working on various construction projects, construction sites, mobile works, emergency works, road closures, traffic management & pedestrian management. Our team provides superior customer service.

Use of personal protective equipment

To control the normal traffic, traffic signals are enough. But, in situations where there is construction work, an accident or a specific event, specific precautions are used such as traffic controllers wearing high-visibility clothes and equipment, toe cap shoes, stop/slow bats etc.

Do you need traffic control services in Sydney and NSW?

Traffic control is highly important in order to maintain discipline and prevent accidents. It ensures the safety of the public as well as workers. People should respect and follow the signs and signals for their own safety and the one of the community.

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