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Traffic Control Labour And Equipment Hire Made Easy

Hire Traffic Controllers and Equipment

Traffic control labour and equipment are essential to increase the safety around your construction site. Over the next three years, major public infrastructure activity is set to approximately double, peaking at $52 billion in 2023.

Also, demand for labour in the infrastructure sector will be five times greater than in 2017-2019. And, the international and state border restrictions means a lack of human capital in Australia. Consequently, more companies need construction labour, materials and equipment.

Then, if you have a lack of staffing and traffic control equipment, Absolute Traffic Management is the right place to find supply! We’re the one stop company for labour hire and traffic control services in Sydney. So, increase safety around your construction sites in 2022 with our traffic control labour and equipment!

Professional Traffic Control Labour Hire

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Hire Qualified Traffic Controllers in Sydney

Traffic control requires a professional approach and training for all situations. Our Traffic Controllers are RMS accredited, experienced and highly enthusiastic. And, they all undergo in-house training to ensure they are ready for all projects in Sydney and NSW.

In addition, they have experience working on various construction projects, construction sites, mobile works. But, also on emergency works, road closures, traffic management and pedestrian management. And, they provide superior customer service.

So, for labour hire and recruitment, traffic control, traffic management plans and traffic equipment hire across NSW, contact us on 0414 560 949. Or, send us an email at At ATM, we supply qualified and experienced labour and other trades to construction businesses in Sydney and NSW.

Looking for traffic controller work in Sydney? Or, furthering your career in the Sydney construction industry? Then, we would love to hear from you!

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Professional Traffic Control Equipment Hire

Hire Quality Traffic Control Equipment in Sydney

Also, we help you ensure a safe and secure environment without the need for a permanent solution. In fact, Absolute Traffic Management provides hassle-free and cost-effective end-to-end solutions.

We provide traffic management signage hire. For instance, traffic control LED arrow boards, utes, barriers, light towers, traffic lights, traffic cones… These in-demand traffic management equipment are the perfect fit for vehicle fitouts.

Safety sign hires are ideal for road traffic signage needs like traffic control, roadworks, civil works or construction projects.

So, contact us on 0414 560 949 or send us an email at

Traffic Control Labour and Equipment Hire in Sydney

Safety First

First, we specialise in supplying accredited traffic controllers and quality traffic control equipment to infrastructure projects and construction companies throughout the NSW region. And, safety is at the forefront of everything we do. With 27+ years of experience, we operate at the highest standards. And, we ensure that all staff, contractors and members of the community are not exposed to danger or risk whilst we operate.


Also, our staff are highly committed and love what they do. We plan and implement accurately, efficiently and safely. And, we achieve the optimum result with unbeatable speed. In addition, we guarantee you always have the right person for the job to show up on time, every time. You can call us 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.


In addition, we always operate with the utmost integrity. And, this ensures we develop long lasting professional relationships to grow your company.


Last but not least, we strive to be exceptional in every way possible. So, we value clients and project manage their job from planning and approvals right through to implementation. And, we put our heart and soul into every project we take on to ensure your satisfaction.

Day / Night / Weekend Availability 24/7/365

So, are you looking for a reliable company to hire traffic control labour and equipment for your work site and building construction projects in 2022? Then, contact us now!