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RMS Permits - Traffic Permits

RMS Permits are necessary for any undertaking that requires a road closure. Do you need a permit? Make sure to avoid any fine or work site shutdown: Contact us to get council and RMS permits. We help you get your permit applications approved.

It is essential for all works that are carried out on roads and/or footpaths to comply with Section 138 of the Roads Act to obtain the relevant permits and licences to carry out works.

Absolute Traffic Management has 10+ years liaising with various councils within Sydney and NSW. We pride ourselves in providing a fast and efficient service to obtain these permits for our clients.

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We Help You Obtain Traffic Permits

A permit is required for any works on roads and streets (including craning, hoisting, use of cherry pickers and EWPs) or next to a road (for example, on the footpath or shoulder of the road).

Council Permits

Let us prepare a solid traffic management plan for your project or event and avoid fines or site shutdowns. We specialise in all aspects of traffic management. And, we help you build your traffic management plan so you can apply for your permit online. Also, we guarantee to deliver a successful plan.

So, do you need one of the following permits?
– road occupancy permit,
– road opening permit,
– work zone (parking) permit,
– temporary road closure permit for an event,

Then, contact us to get a strong plan to submit for approval.

Call Absolute Traffic Management on 0414 560 949 to obtain a Council Permit.

RMS Permits

A Roads and Maritime Services Permit (RMS) is necessary for any undertaking that requires a road closure. So, does your project requires a road closure in Sydney or NSW?
Then, if your project requires to occupy a road and modify a state road asset, you need a road occupancy licence.
In fact, it is a legal requirement under Section 138 of The Roads Act 1993 to obtain this licence to conduct activities like: fixing pot holes, building, or construction work that is likely to have an impact on the operations of an arterial road (for example, closure of a traffic lane).
And, we can help you build a strong application for your RMS permits online to get a permit for your project in Sydney and NSW and ensure the best results for each party involved.

So, get your RMS work permit fast with our services. And, call us now on 0414 560 949 to obtain your Roads and Maritime Services permit.

Police Permits

Also, it is essential to check whether you need a police permit for your traffic management plan. And, if your project requires a road closure, you will need a Police Permit with your traffic management plan. So, if you want to host an event that requires occupancy of public roads or any road closure, you may need a police permit.

Consequently, contact us to get a police permit so you can continue your project without stress. Our experience and close work with Councils allow us to get permits for traffic plans approved within a short amount of time.

So, call us on 0414 560 949 for a quote to obtain a police permit.

State Transit Authority Permits

State Transit is the government bus company in NSW. On some occasion, if your work requires a road closure, you might need a STA permit with a traffic management plan. If you are required to submit an application to the State Transit Authority, get in touch with us. Although they are not as common, it is important to verify if you need an STA permit to avoid having to pay fines or shutting down your worksite.

Need to obtain a STA Permit? Let us advise you.
Give us a call today at 0414 560 949 or send a message to get a STA permit.

ROL Permits

You need a Road Occupancy Licence (ROL) if your activity might impact the traffic flow, even if your activity is off-road.
A road occupancy licence allows you to use a specified road reserve space at approved times and subject to certain conditions of approval.
However, a road occupancy licence does not imply permission or approval for the actual works being undertaken.

A road occupancy can be:
– Road maintenance such as resurfacing, or line marking
– Lane closures around a building site (as a hazard reduction) or to get cranes or other equipment in and out
– Filming activities possibly involving lane and/or road closures. Filming may also be considered a special event
– Filming from an adjacent vehicle
– Grass cutting along median strip possibly requiring the road shoulder or a lane to be closed

Find more details in the Road Occupancy Manual.

We can provide you with the required ROL permit within 10 days.
Call us on 0414 560 949 or send a message to obtain your ROL permit.

Traffic Control Permit Application.

– RMS Permits
– Council Permits
– Police Applications
– STA Applications
– Road Occupancy Licenses
– RMS Road Closures
– Road Opening Permits
– Temporary Road Closures for Events

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Don’t risk heavy fines or your project being shutdown due to not having the right permits. Get your traffic plans with approved permits granted within 48 hours. All our plans guarantee a smooth workflow of your project. Simply call us or send us an email so we can discuss your project and provide you with a quote. We deliver successful planning and RMS permits approval in Sydney and NSW for the implementation of any traffic requirement.


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