Construction site security

Security Guards Hire

Security guards hire for optimal construction site security

Our security guards hire service provides:
- Visual surveillance on the premises
- Theft prevention of construction materials and equipment
- Employees and visitors safety
- Peace of mind

Our team of security guards protect your sites and prevent the increase in theft we see on construction sites. So, contact us to hire our professional guards in Sydney and NSW.

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Construction Site Safety Sydney

Construction Site Security.

Our team of security guards protect your sites and prevent the increase in theft we see on construction sites.

The construction site guards do continuous foot patrols internally and externally of the site and prevent loss materials or delays in your projects in Sydney or NSW.

And, due to their adverse effects on the building industry, theft and vandalism at residential development sites have become a growing concern. In addition, the adverse effects include the consequential cost of:
– hiring or replacing stolen/damaged items (raw materials, tools, whitegoods…),
– insurance excess payments,
– project delays,
– and, the added expense of improving security to protect against further damage.
Ultimately, these costs are added to the cost of building and thereby negatively affect project owners.

As a result, the impact and cost of theft and vandalism are:
– negative impact on the business
– high value of the stolen or damaged items
– also, indirect financial costs resulting from these crimes (delays)
– and, high amount of indirect losses incurred in the incident of theft

Thefts from building sites had become more common in recent months as home builders struggled with timber shortages and delays in completing builds. Hard-to-get items are now hot property for thieves, especially with the cost of building materials souring between 10 to 20 per cent over the past 12 months, a recent Domain report has revealed. So, contact us now to hire security guards in Sydney and NSW. With our Security Guards hire services, your site is safe. And, your materials and machinery will not be damaged or taken from it.

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