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Traffic control equipment hire ensures a safe and secure environment without the need for a permanent solution. Absolute Traffic Management is providing hassle-free and cost-effective end-to-end solutions.

We provide traffic management signage hire: Traffic control LED arrow boards, utes, barriers, light towers, traffic lights, traffic cones... These in-demand traffic management equipment are the perfect fit for vehicle fitouts.

Safety sign hires are ideal for road traffic signage needs like traffic control, roadworks, civil works or construction projects. So, have a look at the list below for traffic management signage hire. And, contact us today for your traffic management device and message sign hire inquiries.

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Traffic Control Equipment Hire


Top the range Utes with mounted Arrow Boards & Beacons

We provide traffic control vehicles equipped and installed with Arrow Boards, and Beacons.


Variable Message Signs (VMS) / Arrow Boards

Mounted Arrow Boards are the best directional signage solution for you to convey clear direction for traffic.
We have a range of Arrow board traffic solutions to help you take control of your directional signage.
These traffic control arrow boards are suitable for mounting to a ute or a truck.
They make a striking visual impact with LED arrow board signage displays to safely direct traffic.


Barrier / Pedestrian Barriers

Ideal for any event or pedestrian containment purpose, we have a large range of railed barriers.
They are perfect to delineate areas of pedestrian movement or safe work zones.


Light Towers

We provide a wide range of portable lighting towers.
Turn night into day for a safer workplace with our mobile light towers.
They are available for short and long-term hire, for road and construction workers.

Traffic Lights

We have a range of temporary traffic light systems to hire.
They are ideal for safe traffic in roadworks.
Also perfect for other traffic management situations where traffic controllers can’t be.

Water Barriers

Our pedestrian and low speed zone barriers are water-filled connected safety barriers that can be easily moved on site.
They are ideal for crowd control, construction projects, and building development sites.
Also for sporting events, car parks, and general pedestrian delineation.

Traffic Cones

Highlight safety and hazard awareness situations to divert traffic with our safety cones.
Our traffic cones are available for short and longer term hire.
And, this is also true for rest of our traffic management equipment.

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