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Why Construction Sites Security Guards Are Essential

Keep your construction sites safe with security guards

Construction site security guards have become essential. So, investing in workplace security makes good business sense. Indeed, construction sites in Australia are constantly at risk of theft and criminal activity. In fact, construction machinery worth hundreds of millions of dollars is stolen every year.

However, when you have appropriate security and communications equipment in place, all site activity can be monitored so that you can quickly raise an alert with your staff members and the authorities.

Why Construction Sites Security Guard Services Are Essential

Construction sites are susceptible to accidents, fire, natural disasters, safety hazards, storm damage, thieves and vandals.

Prevent thefts, vandalism and other criminal acts

First, construction sites are busy places full of activity, and high value equipment often remains on site even after business hours. So, security guards can reduce your risk of being targeted by thieves, helping to keep your assets safe and minimising the risk of damage to your building site.

Some of the most commonly targeted items include power tools, machinery and copper wires.

Theft and/or vandalism of the construction site not only results in a lot of extra costs, they also cause delays, which means that the project is delivered later than anticipated.

Guards ensure also that workers themselves do not take your property home with them.

Keep employees and visitors safe

Then, it provides a safe environment for your workers and comply with OHS requirements. Guards help with loss prevention by denying entry to unauthorised personnel.

Provide peace of mind

In addition, your construction site security guards remain in constant communication. And, they immediately raise an alert if they notice any suspicious activity onsite.

Steps you can take to minimise theft and vandalism

Hire Absolute Traffic Management construction sites security guards.
– Install valuable items on the same day that you receive them.
– Don’t leave unused materials lying around.
– Keep tools and materials out of view.
– Check deliveries right away for shortages and damage.
– Install doors, windows and locks as soon as possible.
– Install small items that can easily be taken, as soon as possible.
– Keep a clean work area and remove items that can easily be used to cause damage, such as bricks.
– Discard rubbish so that thieves don’t know what is inside.
– Install construction fencing.
– Use appropriate lighting to deter crime.
– Have neighbouring businesses or homeowners call you if they see any suspicious activity.
– Use security cameras and monitoring services.
– Have regular mobile patrols.
– Inform the local police if you have any concerns.
– Always report criminal activity.
– Keep all unauthorised persons off the site.
– Check the IDs of everyone who enters the site.

Maximise workplace security with Absolute Traffic Management

So, upgrade your construction site security with Absolute Traffic Management’s security guards services. In short, our construction site security guards keep your job site safe and secure while protecting your profit.

As a result, increase profit and productivity. In fact, we avoid theft and vandalism on your construction site by protecting your construction site 24 hours a day. And, it is crucial to making a profit and completing your project on time. So, hire our construction security guards who can keep your building and construction site safe 24 hours a day.

Construction sites security guards are a necessity

Finally, our security guards understand the importance of managing a worksite and are here to provide you with peace of mind. In short, they protect your assets and staff from theft, violence and threats.

To sum up, here are some of the benefits you get from our construction sites security guard services:

– Safety tracking
– Prevent bodily harm
– Conflict resolution
– First Aid
– Logging reports
– Crime deterrence
– Keen observations
– Foot patrols
– Security fencing
– Prevent vandalism
– Employees peace of mind
– Discourage theft
– Increase profit
– Keep unwanted visitors away
– Stop unauthorised access
– Boost the confidence of your employees

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