Swept path analysis

We provide Swept Path analysis solutions across Sydney and NSW. Before a council issues a construction permit , they need to know the type and size of larger vehicles requiring access to the site. And, they will request proof of safe manoeuvres.

Swept path analysis is one of the traffic engineering and transport planning services we provide to engineers developers, urban planners, councils and other stakeholders across Sydney and NSW.

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What is a swept path analysis?

This analysis is the simulation of a vehicle moving within a digital design. It allows you to know the exact path a vehicle takes, when it turns for instance. It is essential to know how much maneuvering space it requires to avoid any issues on the road design.

Swept Path Analysis Specialists

Our designs (roads, driveways, developments or parking facilities) can accommodate vehicle needs during operation. And, ensure that specific vehicles can manoeuvre through specific routes.

It is essential to understand:
– where a vehicle will move to once it turns, and
– the amount of space it will need to maneuver safely.

These measurements eliminate risk and accidents that can happen due to spatial restrictions in an urban environment.

This simulation and calculation determines how these vehicles will move around the narrow roads surrounding a site. It allows us to figure out how vehicles can safely navigate the area.

This analysis is a great simulation for:
– work on residential developments with materials removal/delivery,
– commercial construction removal/delivery,
– built-up area where large vehicles don’t commonly access,
– works where you need to prove to the Council that you won’t damage to council assets,
– when you need to check whether trucks can turn around within your site,
– road conditions alterations and need to prove that large vehicle access is still maintained,
– primary road access for buses, and connected roadways,
– retail and industrial facilities with delivery vehicles,
– and, education institutions with bus, coach and delivery solutions.



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