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50 Questions To Build Your Worksite Traffic Control Plan

A worksite traffic control plan ensures that construction workers and the public in or near the workplace remain safe. Traffic control plans are critical to ensure a smooth workflow from start right through to finish, no matter the job, big or small. Workers who work on or near roadways are at risk of being hit by passing vehicles. Employers have a duty to protect workers from this hazard and can do so by developing and implementing effective traffic control plans for each road work zone.

Traffic control in Sydney is governed by the Australian Standard AS 1742.3 – 2009 along with State variations. A Traffic Control Planning Checklist for worksites should be in accordance with all the rules and requirements of the local authorities.

Build a checklist to make sure you’ve planned everything to control the traffic in your workplace. Here are 50 questions to build your worksite traffic control plan.

Pedestrians And Vehicles

How will the construction work affect residents and businesses?

Will the work impact public transport and what are the alternative routes?

Will there be closed roads?

Where will the detour roads be?

What are the structures to protect pedestrians and cars?

Do pedestrians and vehicles have separate entries and exits?

Do these entries and exits properly protect pedestrians?

Does the workplace separate safely pedestrians, vehicles, mobile plants?

Are there safety zones, exclusion zones, or barriers that separate them?

What is the usual traffic flow in this area at different times of the day?

Are the control measures safe for traffic approaching at its regular speed?

Can emergency vehicles access or drive through the area?

Are there any events or works nearby that may impact the traffic management plan?


Are the vehicle routes in good conditions?

Do vehicles have a separated route from pedestrians?

Are there nearby intersections, junctions and roundabouts?

Are there safe pedestrian crossings on vehicle routes?

Do the routes have blind or sharp corners?

Are the traffic directions clearly visible?

Are the walkways clearly visible?

And, are the loading zones visible?


What are the speed limits and routes?

Is there a need for a space for loading ramps or bays?

Can trucks and excavators access the site safely without causing obstruction?

Are there overhead power lines?

Do workers conduct basic safety checks before they drive?

Are the vehicles and powered mobile plants suitable?

Do the vehicles have effective parking and service brakes?


What signage does the project need?

Where to place the warning signage?

Are there speed limit signs?

Are the signs visible enough at night?

Have the powered mobile plants mirrors, reversing warning alarms, sensors and cameras?

Are there signs for powered mobile plant hazards?

Is there an adequate distance for signage?

Are there nearby wildlife populations?

Stakeholders Information

What time of the day will work occur and what is the impact on traffic management?

What season is the project?

How will this affect safety measures?

Which personnel will work on site?

Is there parking space nearby?

How does supervision ensure pedestrian safety?

What security providers are contracted for the site, and what are their plans?

Do the workers know about the parking and loading areas, speed limits and traffic hazards?

When do the stakeholders need the notification about work?

What do site supervisors and other stakeholders need to know?

How will workers be commuting to the worksite?

Is there an alternative to reduce congestion?

Have stakeholders like managers and council officials been briefed on the traffic management plan?

Personal Protective Equipment

Do the workers wear PPE?

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